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Strzelecki Holdings Community Involvement

Strzelecki Holdings prides itself on giving back to the community, not only on improving tourism in Western Australia but also by providing opportunities to local workers and being a proud partner in a number of charity events.

Across the entire Strzelecki Holdings group, it employs over 120 local workers, including opportunities in apprenticeships. With its continued growth, Strzelecki Holdings is continuing to be a proud employer of additional staff, with a focus on providing employment to younger people, providing valuable opportunities to upskill and develop further in their chosen industries. Strzelecki Holdings focuses on generating a culture where opportunities are available to staff to step outside their role, and gain valuable experience in various areas of the group of companies and developing its staff onto bigger and better things.

Strzelecki Holdings is also a proud partner in a number of charity events, providing either funding or supply of goods and venues for charity events. The pinnacle of this is the sponsorship and promotion of the Variety WA Splash event, providing both funding and hosting the highlight of the event, the Splash Cocktail Party, at Oceanic Bar + Grill. Chairman of Strzelecki Holdings, Greg Poland, personally serves on the Splash project committee, providing expert guidance and direction for the event and making it an enjoyable event for all, and raising much needed funding.

Strzelecki Holdings has also been a long time sponsor of the Rising Star Aboriginal Scholarship at the South Fremantle Football Club. This scholarship provides funding for disadvantaged Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descendants and assists them in gaining access to educational opportunities.

One of the newest charities to spring up in the Mandurah Region is the Step mci charity, aimed primarily at improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people through a number of programs. Strzelecki Holdings is proud to be an ambassador for this charity and looks forward to seeing the improvement it brings within the local community.

Supporting local sport talent is also part of the Strzelecki vision, so it provides sponsorship to the Bayswater City Soccer Club, and is excited to see it being one of the better performing local teams in the Perth area!